About Us

PORTLAND PUPPY GEAR  wants to provide high quality product for your furry family members with very LOCAL FLAVOR.  

The first toy we created for you is the Chinook Salmon, after the State Fish of our beautiful Oregon. You will find us continuing to play with local themes as we offer more product!

We love how realistic the toy looks, don't you?!


Ty with her beloved Chinook Salmon:


OUR GOAL is to partner with different animal rescue organizations through our #dollarpercollar campaigns. $1 per item sold during each campaign will be donated directly to the beneficiaries. 

The two we did right out of the gates were with the Oregon Humane Society in April, and the Rescuefaeri.org in May.

We envision letting you, our customers, help us decide where the #dollarpercollar funds should go through communication on social media. Ideas? Please let us know from our Contact page!



The Portland Puppy Gear team is FAMILY!

Ty Yorkie is our spokes puppy and model. Mom, Asa, is in charge of production and finance. Emma, 13, is the social media consultant. Jake, 12, is part of sales and marketing, and Hanna, 15 wants to learn more about general operations. Ethan, 15,  and Dad Chad, provides emotional support and legal advise.  :)

Teaching the kids about entrepreneurship has been incredibly fun and rewarding. Instilling an attitude that you can create your own destiny is very important to me (Asa), as having been self-employed since 2008 when I started my other business, Velody Trade. 


Emma and Asa at the OHS Doggie Dash:


Thanks for visiting us here, and I hope you like our product! 

Ty Yorkie, Asa, Chad, Emma, Jake, Hanna and Ethan.